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ARC SSL. Complete Zhongsang Bridge 2014/07/01
Zhongshan Bridge, across the Keelung River, is to connect Taipei, Xinzhuang, and Sanchong Dist.. while the traffic rush hour traffic is heavy, and the bridge was renovated in 2007 after opening to traffic.

ARC recently plans to illuminate on both sides of the bridge with full-color LED high-power linear strips which makes it more splendor and brilliant. With the dynamic LED control system, ARC is honored to have been able to complete this project, allowing a traditional architecture to be transformed into an architectural fashion and design icon using state of the art LED control integration while providing the additional benefits of energy conservation.

Unlike the displaying effect of the traditional neon tubes, the lighting effects customized by ARC for this project with the high performance LED RGB linear strips.The bridge is bathed in two colors changing gradually on regular days and flashing result on the particular time to make the color changing smoothly and delicately.

The bridge is installed with high power LED RGB linear strips on both sides by ARC control system. High performance LED offers rich, saturated color than traditional light source. With the downward connecting design, the lighting fixture can be connected seamlessly and the lighting effects can perform constantly. In addition, the extruded-aluminum housing for withstanding outdoor environment, it is capable to lower the maintenance and install cost.

Product Used:


  1. DMX Controller ARC5001-B1
  2. DMX Multi Channel Converter ARC3730
  3. DMX IDCapture ARC6606-C0
  4. DMX Distributor ARC6608-C0
  5. LED High Power Full Color Linear Strip HBL-RGB-3ft


ARC Solid-State Lighting was founded in Jan, 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan. We focus on the LED lighting controller and opto-electronic design and development to provide appropriate solutions for LED Lighting applications. Among the wide range of opto-electronic devices, ARC SSL chooses LED lighting applications as the axis for technology development and explores the advanced software and control system technology to outperform the advantages of LED lighting devices.

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Joyce Chen
TEL : +886-8227-8217#613